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All On 8 Dental Implants

How Does the All On 8 Dental Implant System Work?

Eight (8) Implants (Titanium or Zirconia non metal ) are placed in strategic areas in your mouth and then a Fixed Bridge made out of:

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Bridge
  • Zirconia CAD/CAM bridge (Non Metal)
  • Ceramic fused to metal bridge
  • Acrylic Hybrid bridge


The appropriate restorative appliance is placed over the Dental Implants. No more uncomfortable or loose dentures .... This treatment option has changed the lives of thousands of patients. This is a friendly procedure that can, in some cases,  be completed in its extent in days!!!

This system can also be used in cases were Multiple Periodontically Compromised Teeth need to be removed.  By using this system, Removable Dentures are avoided completely. This system can be implemented for upper and lower restorations.

The All On 8 system can be implemented with immediate load, delayed load, and Zirconia implants depending on the case and patients expected outcome.

Who We Are

Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini and Dr. Marco Munoz Peralta, American trained Bilingual Doctors, and the highly trained staff at International Dental Clinic in Costa Rica strives to provide the highest quality dental restoration services at affordable prices to make quality dental implants available to everyone.

With more than 47 years of dental practice, 35 years of experience in implant dentistry, and more than 30,000 implants placed to date, you can be confident in the quality workmanship and knowledge of our clinic.

The goal of the entire staff is to make your dental surgery experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. With a dedicated international patient coordinator, on site patient recovery hotel, travel planning, and in house concierge service, you will not find a more convenient medical travel experience in Costa Rica and beyond.